it's not just the perfect, planned highlights of your wedding that you'll want to remember...

Authentic moments

that happen along the way.

Texas | colorado | worldwide

Documenting the unscripted moments that matter most

My style is designed to create an experience where picture-perfect moments naturally unfold.

• The tiny yawn of a flower girl •
• the sudden and unrestrained laughter of friends •

Those are the kinds of photographs that will remind you and your loved ones not only of this life-changing event - but of the life-enriching emotions you felt when you experienced them.

hi. i'm carter.

The sum of my life experience as a photographer, husband, and proud father has taught me to not only appreciate those moments but to actually seek them out.

And as a trained photojournalist who's photographed over 400 weddings. I naturally anticipate and find those moments of love and joy.

Moments that have brought you this far and yet, are just your beautiful beginning.

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it will be a lifetime of memories for us

“I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING they are! Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to make this extra special for all of us!!!! Truly, you captured so so much and it will be a lifetime of memories for us. You were such an integral part of making the day so positive and so uniquely wonderful. I really cannot express my gratitude to you. Thank you beyond words!”


intention | personality | purpose

an uncomplicated process

intention personality purpose

communication + security

The process of getting naturally beautiful photographs will be easy and uncomplicated. I'll listen to your hopes and desires, help you think through things, and communicate effectively. When it comes to your wedding photography you won't have to worry or think about a thing.



comfort + connection

It's one thing to "read the room". It's another to seamlessly fit into it. I genuinely enjoy finding ways to connect with you, your friends, and your family. And by maintaining a friendly, respectful, and professional demeanor everyone will feel comfortable to simply be themselves. 



intention + preparation

I'll take note of the details and the people. I'll really think through the storyline. I'll intentionally plan how I'll frame things and which side of the story I'll tell. And then from there, I'll anticipate and capture those split-second, genuine moments. 



nothing short
of perfect!

“Our experience working with Carter was nothing short of perfect! From the booking process to the engagement portrait session to the wedding day to the wedding photo reveal, it was easy and stress-free. Not only that, it was definitely one of the most fun and memorable parts about the entire engagement and wedding, and that is all thanks to Carter.”


delightful surprises | beautiful memories

love in a singular frame

Images that immortalize the true essence of the people you love....

delightful surprises

Beautiful memories

And all the reasons why you love them.

the most amazing shots

“He is able to blend in with everyone and get the most amazing shots while still allowing the day to progress organically where others may prioritize photography only and forget the overall purpose of the day.”

samantha garrigan

wedding planner