Carter Rose, Photographer: Weddings, Events and Portraits. Based in Dallas Texas. Real Moments Matter.

About Carter Rose


After hundreds of weddings, 12+ years of marriage, and becoming a dad to two beautiful kids, it's impossible to describe all the ways I've changed since I first started photographing weddings in 2005.  What I know for certain is that the sum of my life experiences has had a profound effect on the way I approach photographing my clients weddings. Every experience I’ve had has made me more receptive to those moments of love and joy that have brought you this far and yet are just beginning, and I love trying to capture the essence of each unique relationship with my camera. Being a small part of your intimate moments has also had a profound influence on my own life, continually reminding me what it means to love well.

In my 15 years as a wedding photographer, I've learned a lot about relationships, art, customer service, and myself. More than anything, I've discovered that I love photographing moments that matter. Moments you will cherish 50 years from now. Moments that will remind you not only of a life-changing event but the life-enriching emotions you felt when you experienced it. Moments that capture the true essence of who you love, and all the reasons why you love them, whether it's a husband or wife, a special bond with a grandparent, or the love between friends. 

The florist, planner, and venue's job is to make your wedding beautiful. My job is to make your wedding beautifully remembered.

Carter Rose

I majored in Photojournalism and Political Science at the University of North Texas. As a student, I began freelancing full-time for multiple clients including The Dallas Morning News and UT Southwestern Medical School.

In 2005, I photographed my first wedding and fell in love with it. Weddings were a natural fit for my desire to connect and photograph people and moments that matter. In 2010, I joined as a partner of f8studio, where as a team we were known for documenting authentic wedding moments and connecting with our clients in a genuine way.

In 2019, I left the team at f8studio and began to work independently. I am excited to continue working with my past, present and future clients, vendors and venues, providing the same level of service and memorable documentation that I’ve built my reputation on these last 15 years.

Today, I continue to work on various freelance projects for clients like Wolfgang Puck, AT&T Performing Arts Center, and a variety of local, national and international non-profits but most of my time is spent telling the stories of honest love between real couples.