All of the organizations I've volunteered for and supported for have been wonderful, but the one that has had the largest impact on my life is "African Road". Operating in East Africa, African Road partners with Local Change-makers to work on collaborative project development, strategic funding with a goal of community-led transformation. With projects like business start-up support survivors of modern day slavery in Tanzania, ID and Health Kits in Burundi and Teacher training and girls empowermnet in Rwanda, I've seen first hand the impact this small, efficient organzation has in these communities. I've been a friend to and supported African Road and it's projects personally for over 10 years and I'm proud that a portion of each wedding I book is donated to help continue their work. I'd love it if you considered joining me in that support.

Weddings are my passion and my life's work. I've been a full-time wedding photographer for most of my adult life, I love the emotion, the pressure, and the atmosphere. Above all else though, I love that weddings give me an opportunity to capture images of important moments in peoples lives. Before I was a wedding photographer, I got into photography as a young journalist with a goal of using pictures to tell stories and inspire change.  Weddings bring me close to that goal and I love them for it. Over the years though, I have also found that I am yearning for other ways to make difference with my photography. Following that desire I've been able to photograph for a number of non-profit organizations across the globe. From India, Guatemala, Israel and Africa. 

What can I say about the beauty of this wedding.. I've known Emily as she has worked in the Dallas wedding industry for a lot of years, her husband Thomas I got to know through this wedding season and I can't tell you how wonderful and sweet these two were through the entire season. They dealt with a change of date, covid, weather but through it all they kept their poise and warm hearts and made this my favorite wedding of the year. 

On top of the obvious beauty this wedding has, floral, light and people.. I'm most proud of the real and honest moments we were able to capture. This wedding proves that you can have a luxury and elegant feel to your wedding and photos and still be able to be vulnerable and have the way you feel and love about those around you present in the images.

Giving back through my  partnership with "African Road" Be a Change-maker

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