Our, always present, moments first approach set up the day perfectly and created plenty of space to capture meaninful interactions, reactions and still nail all of  the pretty little details that the couple had spent so long perfecting.
I loved the pops of color interwoven with classic design of this one, but most of all I love the real and unposed moments we captured that Kendall and Austin can keep forever. 

Kendall and Austin battled through Covid restrictions, reschedules and the craziness of 2020 but came out of the other side with one of the more celebratory, colorful and connection-filled weddings of the year.

Set at the classic Northwood Club in North Dallas, we were blessed with wonderful weather and a group of people ready to celebrate in both wild and meaningful ways.

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Colorful Country Club Wedding

Cakes: Fancy Cakes by Lauren

Venue: Northwood Club

Hair & Makeup: Dana Dixon

Floral: The Rogue Rose

Planning: The Perfect Plan Events

in collaboration with