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Dallas Engagement Sessions by Carter Rose

An engagement session is so valuable. The 1-2 hour sessions create great images for use on save-the-dates , wedding websites, and guest sign-in tables, but most importantly they provide an avenue to meet me as your photographer, and to see what it feels like to be photographed. My style is rooted in documentary photojournalism but I don’t take a completely hands-off approach. Throughout your session and at times during the wedding day I will make sure you are in good light and “put you in a position to succeed” THEN I step back. I find after I’ve taken a step back it allows you to find the “cozy spots” you’re used to. Each couple has its own way of being close, of holding hands, and showing affection. Instead of trying to get you to do something I think looks good, I create space for you to find the way that FEELS good. I promise I won’t make you feel silly, and we won’t pretend you are models (unless you are). We are just going to hang out, you guys are going to do a little cuddling and we’ll make images that naturally reflect your relationship.